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Half Light

A colour photo of 3 dancers, in low light. Facing the camera they crouch, backs straight, eyes closed, Kip and Linzy on the outside each rest a hand on Holly's shoulder at the centre.
A colour photo of three dancers, in low light: from left to right Kip, Holly and Linzy. Facing the camera they crouch, backs straight, eyes closed, Kip and Linzy each rest a hand on Holly's shoulder.

Half Light combines a delicacy of means with deeply considered underlying principles. A dance piece, a sound piece, a piece of narrative performance – and an inclusive audience experience which feels almost healing’ – Phil Owen, Producer, Arnolfini

Half Light is a live dance work that de-centres the visual, exploring sensory perception and our relationship to the natural world during twilight, dusk and absolute night.

Performed in soft light in the round, with both live generated and pre-recorded sound scores, ‘Half Light’ blends choreography and poetic audio-descriptive narrative with a multi-textured, multi-located sound design to create an inclusive experience for blind, VI and sighted audiences.

Following the journey of a mother and a boy, the cast of two VI and two sighted performers explore the passing of time from day to night and back to sunrise, evoking an experience of twilight, absolute night and sonic sunrise, as a shifting sensory landscape, where memory and time are ambiguous.

Half Light is currently being developed for national touring in Autumn 2025. For further information and booking enquiries go to: Sarah Trist Dance Management Agency.

Half Light Trailer and Excerpt with Audio Description:


The Half Light project is a creative collaboration between:

Artistic Director: Holly Thomas

Producer: Katy Noakes

Theatre Director: Lizzie Minnion

Access and Rehearsal Director: Ania Varez

Dancers & Collaborating Artists: Linzy Na Nakorn, Luke Divall

Actor & Collaborating Artist: Douglas Walker

Sound Design: Dan Pollard

Lighting Design: Chris Swain

Costume Designer: Lydia Higginson

With thanks to our project partners:


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